Man Shuen Hong / Double Dragon


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Presenting Panax Ginseng of excellent quality in its most natural and traditionally used form. Double Dragon Panax Ginseng Dried Slices are purely what they say they are - delicate slices of dried roots of red Panax Ginseng.
With a pleasant, slightly waxy flavour, the slices can be eaten straight from the box, chewing until soft enough to swallow easily - from two to eight slices a day are suggested - or boiled first if preferred. Chewing the slices is particularly useful for those trying to give up smoking. People who have trouble sleeping find it very helpful to steep some slices in brandy and sip a little before bedtime.
For a truly nourishing and delicious way to take the slices, poach some skinned boneless chicken pieces (about ½kg/1lb) in 1 litre/2pts water until well-cooked, skim off the fat, add a packet of Ginseng Dried Slices, and cook on a very low heat for about an hour, until of a soap-like consistency. This will be sufficient for six people.
Ginseng has preserved its popularity through many generations of appreciative use. Treasured in the Far East for over 5000 years, Ginseng's deserved reputation has been built on its powers of recuperation. It is an adaptogen, helping the body to adapt to whatever stresses are placed upon it, and modern day research has confirmed many of its reputed benefits. These include increasing vitality, physical and mental performance, and lifting depression especially when caused by weakness and exhaustion.

Net Weight 30 gram each jar/box. (PIP CODE 0032391)