Pure Concentrated Chinese Red Panax Ginseng Extract

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Here is Chinese Red Panax Ginseng Extract in such a highly concentrated from that only a very little is needed each time to reap the benefits. Distinctively packaged in a fabric-covered tub, which houses the precious jar of Red Panax Ginseng Extract, a tiny spoon is supplied to ensure that the correct amount is measured out.
Just one or two spoonfuls are added to a cup of hot boiled water for a really beneficial drinks, which can be sweetened with honey to taste, if required.
The Chinese have understood the many benefits which ginsend has to offer for thousands of years, and make sure that they take regularly for periods of one week to one month to keep in the peak of condition, physically and mentally. They know whenever the mind and body are under particular stress that a course of best quality ginseng can make all the difference.
Pure Concentrated Chinese Red Panax Ginseng is very economical in use.

Net Weight 30 gram each jar. (PIP CODE 0027789)
*NB Ginseng should not be recommended during pregnancy, to diabetics, or people suffering from high blood pressure or heart disease.